Protect Yourself Online

When it comes to banking and shopping online it’s important to know to keep your devices secure – computers, laptops, phones, tablets – and how to protect your personal and financial information. To help you have a safe and secure experience, we’ve put together best practice information in the following areas:

Safely Surf the Internet

When visiting websites, there are many basic steps you can take to protect yourself against traps and pitfalls set by cybercriminals.

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Keeping Your Information Safe

Stay educated about signs can tip you off to fraudulent content or business, how to prevent or catch unauthorized activity on you accounts, and what tools are at your disposal to be a savy digital consumer.

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Protecting Your Mobile Devices

Smart phones and tablets keep us more connected to the internet than ever before. Take steps to secure your devices, protect your data, and always download secure applications.

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Safeguarding Your Computer

These days, protecting your computer goes beyond installing anti-virus software. A combination of virus, spyware, and malware protection is needed in addition to utilizing tools that are already built in to the systems you use, like firewalls, automatic software updates, and wireless network security.

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