Protect Your Mobile Devices

Whether through an app or the web, we pass sensitive information over the internet through phones and tablets as much or more than on a computer these days. Due to this, it is important to keep security top of mind with your mobile devices.

Secure your mobile devices

  • Use a password to restrict access to your mobile device. Apps and browsers store data that can be easily accessed if someone gets their hands on your device. See tips on creating strong passwords.
  • Set and use the auto-lock feature. That way your device will automatically lock when it is not in use.

Protect your data

  • Back up your data regularly, utilizing syncing and storage options that are available with your device.
  • Never disclose sensitive information (social security number, account numbers, driver’s license, and passwords) via text messages or email as these forms of communications are not natively secure. Delete any messages containing this type of information and never store the messages on your mobile device.
  • Perform regular updates to the mobile device operating system; these updates often include important, time sensitive security patches.

Download secure applications

  • Be cautious about which applications you download. Prior to installing a new app check the description to understand what functions the app performs and the information it may access on your mobile device.
  • Only download mobile applications from authorized application stores like the Apple App Store or the Android Market. Be aware that malware (viruses and trojans) and fraudulent applications exist.

If you lose your mobile device, report the loss immediately to your carrier or employer. If you believe your device has been lost or stolen, immediately go online and change passwords for financial and personal accounts to prevent any identity theft or fraud.

For additional advice for Apple and Android users, please visit the following pages:

Please be aware that email communications are not encrypted or otherwise secure. Please do not use this form to send confidential or personal information.